Search help

Several search entries exist:

• You can enter any term in the free search field at the top right corner.
• Via ‘Browse’ (in the main menu) you make a broad initial selection by theme or by type of object (for example all the posters, or all the items linked to the theme “Education” ...).
• ‘Advanced search’ allows you to combine different search terms.

Regardless of how you start, you can narrow down the results by using the filters to the right. You can for instance limit them by type of object, by period, or by choosing one of the major themes by which we classify our collections. Applying a second filter, limits the result further.
Attention: some of the themes have subdivisions. If you filter on these, you have to make a choice among those sub-themes.
Inside the object descriptions, some of the fields are clickable, for instance the keywords, the authors. If you click one of those terms, you launch a completely new search on it.
For the time being, the list of keywords is not visible in ‘advanced search’, but we are working on that.


- Use the asterisk as a wildcard. For example : ‘lesb*’ will give you results on ‘lesbianism’ and ‘lesbian movement’.
- Avoid punctuation marks.
- Dates: ‘1974’ will give you all items made in that year ; ‘1974-1979’ all items made in the years 1974 till 1979.
- Both in the free search field and in ‘Advanced search’ you can use the Boolean operators.
o search term AND search term : you want the result to contain both words ;
o search term OR search term : the result should contain one of the terms ;
o search term NOT search term : the result should include the first but not the second term.
You can increase the number of terms and you can combine with a date.

View, organise and download results

The standard presentation consists of large labels. To the right of your screen (above the filters), you can choose a different presentation. The geographic option is not yet active.
You can organize results with the little wheel that shows next to the number of search results, on the left side of your screen. For example, you can order by date, and then choose ‘descending’. Your active choices are shown in italics.
Behind the wheel, you will also find a number of options to download your search result. At the bottom of the list, you find some options for a quick download. At the top of the list, the possibility to create a basket (‘lightbox’) is given. A basket gives more options to work on your search results: you can make a selection and save it, send your search results by email (also to the Carhif, so that we can prepare your visit to the reading room).
You must be registered to create baskets. This can be done via the ‘basket’ option behind the wheel or by clicking the figure in the top right corner (next to the ‘free search’ field).
The baskets you make can then always be found by clicking the figure at the top right corner.
We are currently working to improve the export of search results.