This forms allows you to realize an advanced search amongst all collections described herein (both archives and documentation). You can make your search on several fields simultaneously.

Tools for search combination :

  • truncature : « syndica* » will allow you to fetch data entries containing « syndicat », « syndicats », « syndicalistes », « syndicalisme », etc.
  • 2 terms space separated (= OR) : Example : "organisation femmes" = all objects with the word "organisation" or the word "femmes" (or both)
  • AND : Example : "organisation AND femmes" = all objects having both words "organisation" and "femmes"
In a second time, you can further your search with different filters.

Fields description

  • Title : searching through all document titles. Please take care of orthograph and punctuation.
  • Entities : all the entities (individuals or organizations) that have been involved in the document's production : authors, publishers, printers, illustrators, etc.
  • Type : object type bases search (posters, archives, etc.). The scrolling list fetches all CARHIF object types.
  • Keywords : search through all keywords
  • Date(s) : time based search requiring either a year or extreme dates of a period of time. For example, if you type « 1974 » in the search field, you would get back all documents dating from 1974, if you type in a period of time, like « 1974-1979 », you will find all documents whose production was dated between 1974 and 1979.